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The Playbook For Making Price Irrelevant  
“Selling value" today is as sophisticated as flying an airplane. You never take off without preparing a flight plan. Don Hutson gives you that flight plan in easy to understand segments to completing the sale.” 
      -Howard Putnam, Former CEO, Southwest Airlines  
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What Is Selling Value?
Selling Value is NOT just another “how to” book on closing sales.
It is NOT about manipulating others into a yes 
--yet, the strategies will help you to get MORE yeses and MORE long term success than you’ve ever experienced before. 
It is NOT about shallow, cookie-cutter tactics for handling objections  
--yet the strategies will enable you to address your prospects’ concerns in a way that compels them to do business with you. 
Selling Value is A BLUEPRINT.
Manipulation and Hard Closes are symptoms of a much greater problem (that’s the bad news), but it’s easy to fix (that’s the good news). Inside you’ll find the actual blueprint I created after decades of competitive sales experience. You now have access to the processes, best practices and value-based formulas that we use to outsell the competition and gain customers for life.  
 What readers say about "Selling Value"...
Shelley Baur
"I learned so much from Don's book about increasing the value that I offer my customers. Get the book. You'll be glad you did."
A trainer, coach, and author, Shelley Baur teaches "values-based leadership skills".
James Hutto
"My take-away from this book has had an impact on our profits and revenue because I stopped selling our services based on time or hours and shifted the focus to value. This book has made a huge impact on my sales process."
James is the Managing Project Director for Valeo Marketing.
Valerie Morris
"Don Hutson's 'Selling Value' is a must-read. It truly helps the seasoned professional as well as anyone new to sales. 'Selling Value' helps give you the understanding of who each of your customers is and how to adapt to their particular points of view."
Valerie Morris is the President & CEO of Morris Marketing Group.
Introducing "Selling Value"- 
The Playbook For Making Price Irrelevant…
What People Are Saying About “Selling Value” On… 
Here Are A Few Of The Strategies You’ll Be Given In "Selling Value"… 
The biggest mistake most sales professionals make and how to avoid it…
pg. 19
The single factor that determines the outcome of every sales call you’ll ever make (when you understand this, it will change the game forever)…
pg. 34
The one thing that’s responsible for 80% of your conversion rate. If your conversion rate isn’t where you need it to be, this will help…
pg. 47
Learn the closely guarded secrets of High Performance Sales Professionals that enable them to consistently excel…
pg. 59
The reason why the “Product Pitch” and the “Hard Sell” don’t work anymore and the NEW way of selling without pressure…
pg. 68
Discover the secret to making MORE sales in LESS time, so that you can spend your time doing what you love…
pg. 69
The simple and highly effective model that is guaranteed to increase sales and improve your customer retention …
pg. 126
Why you must implement the “Loyalty Ladder” immediately to create a committed following…
How to identify your prospect’s behavioral style and then use this knowledge to boost your conversion rates….
pg. 151
Learn my 4 proprietary negotiation strategies that will cure your "Negotiaphobia" FOREVER…
pg. 210
The fool-proof method to identifying your prospect’s hot button that will change the way you approach every sales call from now on…
pg. 230
7 simple ways to escape the trap of being just “average” in the eyes of your prospect. Master this one thing, and you’ll be their vendor of choice…
pg. 263 
And That’s JUST The First 263 Pages… You’ll Also Get My 
Fool-Proof “AEIOU” Method For Addressing A Prospect’s 
Concerns...My 7 Creative Differentiators Guaranteed To 
Separate You From The Competition...And SO MUCH MORE!
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So why would I make this offer to you?  Well, there are actually a few reasons… 
1. It’s my way of giving back to the profession I love. In fact, you’ll see that Selling Value is 
dedicated to all sales professionals who are committed to learning, and for all the good that they 
2. Because just as “a rising tide lifts all boats” the more we hone our craft as sales 
professionals, the more we, our customers, and our society, will flourish. 
3. I get another one of my products into your hands, and when you see how exceptional it is, 
it should get you excited to continue working with me to take your sales skills to the next level. 
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About Don Hutson, CSP, CPAE
Don Hutson is a #1 New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author, and Hall of Fame Speaker. His international clientele covers a broad range of industries, as he works to help them sell value rather than cut price. Don's client list includes over half of the Fortune 500, and he is featured in over 100 training films. He is CEO of U.S. Learning, Chairman of Executive Books, and makes some 75 speaking appearances per year.
Don is the author or co-author of 14 books including The One Minute Entrepreneur (with Ken Blanchard), The One Minute Negotiator (with George Lucas), and his latest release, Selling Value.  

Don is the past president of the National Speakers Association, and has received its coveted "Cavett Award," as Member of the Year and it's "Master of Influence" Award.
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